Who is Humboldt Rising for?

In Humboldt, we are different. Humboldt is home to both the bohemian and straight-laced.  Some of us are newly arrived and some of us have been calling Humboldt home for generations. We represent liberal and conservative worldviews. Yes, we have our differences. Our differences make us vibrant.


But we have a lot in common too. In Humboldt, we are dreamers. We are community-minded. We are nature lovers. We’re all a little bit quirky, and we know how to be scrappy. We may all be a little bit stubborn, but we all love Humboldt fiercely. Our commonalities make us strong.


In recent years, we have had to deal with overwhelming challenges and heartbreak. We’ve witnessed a lot of change—some good, some bad, some undecided. We’ve also seen exciting new possibilities. As Humboldt continues to shift and change, we are at a crossroads. If and when we come together, we are confident that we will see Humboldt Rising. 

What are the CEDS?

Every five years, our county collaborates to develop a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, or CEDS. On one hand, this is a technical document required to attract federal funding and technical assistance. On a deeper level, it is a proactive and collaborative strategy for driving economic growth, balancing equity, and ensuring environmental sustainability. When done with intention, the CEDS is a unique opportunity for our community to come together and discuss the important issues that affect us all and identify our priorities to building a vibrant and resilient future for everyone who calls Humboldt home. 


In case the phrase Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy makes your eyes glaze over, let’s break down why the CEDS matters for you, the people and land that you love, and the future of Humboldt:



We will approach this process in a holistic and inclusive way. We want to build a strategy that increases access to prosperity for everyone. As with any complex strategy, we will need to hear from a wide range of voices, perspectives, and industry experts. From this big picture, we can identify the next steps we need to take together.

Plants Sprouting


Economic development is more than job creation or commercial business investments. It is the strategic ways our government, businesses, and citizens work together to help our community prosper. In the past, and in many ongoing and systemic ways, economic development happens at the expense of marginalized communities and the environment. But we are committed to finding ways to help grow our local economy in ways that balance equity and protect the environment.

Bar Graph Trending Upward


The CEDS document starts with a candid snapshot of where our community is right now. We identify what makes us strong, and where our biggest weaknesses lie. From there, we’ll cast a vision of where we want to head. As the word “Development” implies, we are entering into an ongoing conversation, building on the work that has already been done and rolling our sleeves up to continue the work.

Puzzle Pieces


This isn’t a theoretical document of ideas and fancy acronyms. This is a dynamic roadmap tied to current and potential projects, action items, and an outlined approach of how our community will make these goals happen over the next five years. Tied to specific and measurable performance goals, we are committed to being accountable for the goals we set out in this document.

How Can I Get Involved?

In late August and early September, we will be hosting CEDS Public Engagement meetings throughout the County. All citizens are encouraged to join in and share your insights and perspectives on what our priorities should be for the CEDS. We will be announcing the locations and times of these public engagement meetings soon, but in the meantime, sign up here if you'd like to know more.